National Minimum Wage, Basic Conditions of Employment, Labour Relations and Labour Laws Amendment Acts

These acts are historic achievements for workers.  They are the result of decades of struggles by workers, COSATU and our affiliates.

The NMW will see the wages of 6.4 million of the most vulnerable cleaning, security, domestic, farm, clothing, retail, hospitality, restaurant, petrol, furniture, hairdressing and many other impoverished workers, rise.  This is equal to 47% of workers.  In simple terms, half the nation will benefit from the NMW directly.  It will in effect be a massive economic stimulus in the local economy.

The labour acts will see maternity leave benefits increased to cover 66% of workers’ salaries and to cover still born births and third trimester miscarriages.  They will see fathers, same sex mothers and surrogate mothers enjoy 10 days paid parental leave when their children are born.  They will see parents legally adopting children 2 years and younger entitled to 10 weeks paid adoption leave.  Maternity, parental and adoption leave credits will be separated from the UIF credits in response to a long standing demand of COSATU and workers to avoid penalizing women for giving birth.

The acts will see UIF payments to workers who have lost their jobs increase from 8 to 12 months payments.  Workers who pass away, will see their remaining due UIF, maternity and parental leave benefits paid to their beneficiaries

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