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Letter from Moss Phakoe`s Children

20 February 2015

To : National Spokesperson of Cosatu, Comrade Patrick Craven
From : Moss Phakoe’s Children - Karabo, Tlholo and Tshepiso Phakoe
Date : 19/02/2015

PURPOSE : The appreciation of the support from COSATU North West.

Revolutionary Greetings!!


On the 14 March 2009 our father was killed in our home driveway during the National Elections campaign.

This left us shattered and traumatised. We are of the view that as Cosatu national leadership this matter is known in the federation.

We firstly want to state our appreciation and further express our gratitude in support you gave us in our trying times. The campaigns, marches and support during court proceedings from trial, conviction, sentencing and appeal stages of the case. These campaigns were led by comrade Solly Phetoe. We still remain committed to the ethics and values our father (Moss) has bestowed upon us.

We remain committed to the principle of the movement of ANC and we are still comrades of the movement. Our teaching by our late father is that this movement was not found on the silver platter, blood is been shed by many comrades who never lived to see the freedom they fought for.

Even today, there are many political killings because of the truth that comrades have against certain individuals who wants to be seen as Messiah’s of the movement; secondly these comrades have ulterior motives to bring the movement down with corruption, to have personal gains to disadvantage good standing citizens of our country.

Our requests

We would appreciate it if the security and well being of the provincial secretary Solly Phetoe be intensified as he is leading the campaign of this magnitude and risking his life by voicing out what many corrupt individuals don’t like. Our father became a target because he did not have body guards like other leaders. Comrade Solly Phetoe has been at the forefront of every campaign of one of your own, the late Moss Phakoe, a fierce critic of corruption, and voice of the voiceless.

Yours in comradeship

Tlholo PHAKOE (the son of the late Moss Phakoe)
Signed on behalf of the family
076 048 7155

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