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National Office Bearers

COSATU`s National Congress, which is held every three years, elects the 6 National Office Bearers of the Federation comprising:

  1. the President,
  2. 1st and
  3. 2nd Deputy Presidents,
  4. National Treasurer,
  5. General Secretary and
  6. Deputy General Secretary

Of the six National Office Bearers only two are full time - the General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretary.

The other National Office Bearers are workers elected from within the membership of the unions affiliated to COSATU, and remain available for the work of the federation, with their wages paid by their respective workplaces.

The following National Office Bearers were elected at the 10th National Congress from

21 - 24 September 2009:

  1. President: Sdumo Dlamini
  2. First Deputy-President: Tyotyo James
  3. Second Deputy-President: Zingiswa Losi
  4. General Secretary: Zwelinzima Vavi
  5. Deputy General Secretary: Bheki Ntshalintshali
  6. Treasurer: Freda Oosthuysen