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COSATU Western Cape updates on the development at Elsenburg

20 August 2015

Please receive correspondence from our offices in respect of the developments at Elsenburg.

I joined the Union Nehawu in a meeting with its members at Elsenburg today, to discuss a number of issues affecting them in the workplace as well as in the college, and, amongst others, these are;

- The conditions of employment of staff;
- The lack of prospects and fairness for their advancement and decent wage rates;
- The conditions of - and attack on - housing of the community of Vaaldraai and other areas; and the need to build more housing for all workers who want it on the estate;
- The training of workers and land reform, so that black small farmers can take over the land that was stolen from Municipalities before 1994 through long term leases;
- The termination of employment of many old white people in senior positions in the facility to make way for black people, so demographics are advanced in the senior positions in Elsenburg;
- The change in language policy at the College to ensure that all of the students are treated equally. English should be the language of tuition, as elsewhere in the Country;
- Stopping white parents of learners from coming onto the campus to interfere in College matters, including laying charges of trespassing.

When we met with some of the workers we were told that many supervisors did not want to release workers in order for them to discuss their future, with the Union. This attitude is in keeping of the permission letter for the meeting, received from Management, which says that workers can attend if their supervisors let them.

The workers have a right to meet and discuss their interest in terms of the agreement, with no intimidation from Management who tries to undermine their right to organise.

Cosatu will again be meeting with the staff next Thursday, 12h30 on 27 August 2015 and the Nehawu will send the requisite application in terms of the agreement.

We expect that no workers who want to know about improving their futures, to be constrained from attending.

This meeting will precede the commencement of formal negotiations between Nehawu and Management to undo the apartheid legacy that exists in Elsenburg.

Yours Faithfully

Tony Ehrenreich
Provincial Secretary
With questions, please call Tony Ehrenreich on 0827733194

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