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SANCO Message of Support delivered by Comrade Skhumbuzo Mpanza to COSATU on its 30th Anniversary and the National Congress held at Gallagher Estate, Midrand on the 23rd-26th November 2015

24 November 2015

Greetings to all

Protocol observed

All Alliance partners

Thirty years ago in Durban progressive workers from all sectors of the economy met to inaugurate what was to be the biggest trade union federation in South Africa to date. In that conference, a line was clearly articulated for all delegates and the world to know that COSATU would adhere to the principle of:

  1. One union One industry
  2. One country One Federation
  3. An injury to one is an injury to all
  4. The freedom charter is the blueprint of the working people
  5. International solidarity
  6. Linking worker struggles with broad societal and community struggles for the liberation of South Africa and beyond

It is in the interest of every worker and the unemployed in our communities for COSATU to rise above the turbulent challenges of personality cults, factionalism, patronage and careerism which are threatening the unity of our revolutionary Alliance and mass democratic movement.

We are convinced that the leadership of COSATU is still driven by one desire; the desire to unite all the workers in our country and to defend their interests.

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter, we cannot but recognize the role played by COSATU and its cadres in ensuring that the clauses encapsulated in the Freedom Charter are realized in all policy formulations and strategic postulations of our government.

The more radical second phase of our National Democratic Revolution and the implementation of the National Development Plan requires the partnership of a stronger and united federation with a mass based progressive civil society led by SANCO that we need to accelerate service delivery in our communities and deepen transformation across all sectors to eradicate poverty, unemployment and inequality.

These are the conditions precedent for achieving the objectives of the Freedom Charter and achieving a National Democratic Society.

Every worker is a community member and our struggles for bettering the lives of our people are therefore intertwined. SANCO and COSATU have no choice but to form a strong progressive civil society as a precondition for a total transformation of society and the ushering in of a National Democratic Society in our lifetime.

All Power!