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COSATU supports the Brazilian trade union movement’s protests in defence of President Dilma Rousseff

16 December 2015

The Congress of South African Trade Unions supports the protests ,organised by the Brazilian trade union movement today, against the impeachment attacks directed at Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. This parliamentary process amounts to a coup against the progressive government of president Rousseff, we support and commend the workers in Brazil for defending their party and their president from the reactionary forces.

This is an obvious furtherance of the imperialist counterrevolution, which is engaging in antagonistic imperialist schemes, against the revolutionary and progressive forces in South America and around the world. These forces are hell-bent on reversing the advances that have been made by the people of South America. They are tirelessly working hard to divide the progressive forces in order to weaken them and then roll back their gains.

The impeachment motion was submitted by a coalition of opposition parties led by Helio Bicudo, who actually founded and then deserted Rousseff’s Worker’s Party. Despite this long going attacks on the president, the Worker’s Party was re-elected in 2014, but these counterrevolutionary forces are unrelenting in their offensive against her and the party.

Our solidarity is also informed by the understating that our own country and continent, has also been afflicted by these terrorizing and destabilising imperialist ploys. We pledge our full solidarity to all workers, who are pushing back against these schemes. From Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina and Bolivia, there are machinations at play to undermine the revolutionary and progressive governments of Latin America.

COSATU asserts that the international solidarity and unity of the workers and the working class in general, is a very fundamental matter, if we are to lay a foundation for the revival of an internationalist working class movement, with the ability to influence and change the international balance of forces. Currently, the balance of forces does not favour the working class but favours monopoly capital.

If we fail to unite and push back, against imperialist aggression, we will not only see the failure of socialist projects around the world but the destruction of livelihoods, incomes, jobs of workers around the world. The unity of monopoly capital and their decisiveness in their exploitation of our countries, means that we need to strengthen and intensify our unity and solidarity work.

Our 12th National Congress mandated us to strengthen our analysis of the international situation with a focus on the capitalist crisis, imperialism and improve our international solidarity work. In this regard, we shall pay closer attention to struggles of working people in Latin America and all around the world and also work on developing new strategic relations of cooperation and exchange with workers around the world.

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