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COSATU Open Letter to:

Mayor Patricia DeLille City of Cape Town


Advocate Thuli Madonsela
Public Protector

Corruption - 'better together' in City of Cape Town and Province

The true meaning of 'better together' was recently revealed by 2 of the most senior officials in the Provincial Government and the City of Cape Town.

The Zille front man - Brent Gerber - has manoeuvred to get Dirk Smit's son a job in the Provincial Government. In return, Dirk Smit, the Speaker of the City of Cape Town, had organised a job for the son of Brent Gerber in the City administration. This kind of 'better together' corruption between the City and the Province is the true basis of the collaboration between the DA governance models.

This 'jobs for pals' scheme is how the City operates and dispenses patronage amongst the political leaders of the DA; and how they try and manipulate staff to support them. It has just been revealed that staff has the first option to bring their children into the learnership programmes in the Council. Other worthy applicants who apply for learnerships but do not have the connection of staff members to get them into positions, are at a disadvantage. This corrupt practice must be stopped by the immediate investigation of the 2 senior members of the DA, and their nepotistic practices.

A new policy must be put in place to give learnerships to young people who do not have parents employed at the Council, in senior positions. The policy should also be to give the learnerships to young people who do not have any other employed family members. These social policies should also be addressing the social challenges that exist in the City and should not be used in this corrupt manner to increase the job prospects for whites who are already over represented in the Council's employment.

We are calling on the Mayor to implement an immediate moratorium on employees bringing family members into Government, even the cross government job swops. Should the Mayor fail to implement these anti-corruption measures by Friday 28 of January 2016, we will lodge an application with the Human Rights Commission against these corruption practices in the government.

This is the real reason why Council staff are so despondent, because they are not treated fairly in trying to advance their career prospects, because old whites are manipulating the system to perpetuate the old white advantages that existed under apartheid. These practices of nepotism and corruption is widespread in the City and the Province under the DA Administration.

Tony Ehrenreich
Provincial Secretary

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