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COSATU Memorandum handed over 29 January 2016

29 January 2016

To: The Premier of the Western Cape & MEC Education in Western Cape


We the parents, educators, community members, supported by COSATU, come together today to express our disgust at the shocking treatment learners of Avondale Primary School is subjected to by the Provincial government and its Provincial Education Department.


1. The repulsive conditions of the Avondale Primary School;
2. That the learners of the school are losing out on their education due to the Province's gross incompetence;
3. That the Province has appointed an inept MEC for Education, one with no interest in resourcing township schools, and whose only interest is to maintain and increase the apartheid generational advantages of white people in this Province.

We BELIEVE that:

1. Education is a non-partisan issue which is much bigger than any party political agenda;
2. In the provision of education the interest of the learner must be paramount, and not subject to whether the child/learner is white, black or coloured;
3. The Provincial Government and its Education Department has a duty and responsibility to afford all learners of the Western Cape equal resources and opportunities, in terms of the South African Constitution and the Bill of Rights;
4. The Provincial Government of the Western Cape has shown no regard for these poor learners;
5. The state of the Avondale Primary school is much the same as the state of ruin of so many township schools providing for Coloured and African children
6. The unsafe situation at the school has been brought to your attention and your continued disregard constitutes criminal neglect, which could lead to criminal prosecution of your person;
7. After the demise of Apartheid, you can no longer justify a situation where township kids get second hand facilities compared to White children. This is just wrong and also racist, specifically the manner in which you distinguish between the opportunities that you provide for mainly Black learners opposed to providing for mainly White learners in ex model C schools.

We therefore RESOLVE:

1. That the Provincial Government must provide the community, parents and Cosatu with a definitive plan of action to secure our children's future at the school;
2. That the Provincial Government and its Education Department will restore - in the interim - all relevant portions of the school in order to render it safe and habitable for learners to receive education until the new school is built next year; where repairs cannot remove the danger, temporary classes must be provided for alternative accommodation;
3. That the new schools planning and funding must be finalised in consultation with the parents as a matter of urgency, so construction can commence, with a completion date end 2016;
4. Urgent plans must be finalised to address the concerns raised in relation to the safety at school, so that the learners are all able to resume education as a matter of urgency, in adequate facilities;
5. That the schools in Atlantis are united in their condemnation of the manner in which you continue to treat African and Coloured learners in the area and will be having general assemblies during the course of the week to discuss their support for facilities equal to white schools and for solidarity action;
6. That COSATU will continue to support this community in the fight for equal resourcing and equal opportunities for all Township children;
7. That the equal resourcing of all schools must become a priority source of delivery for the Provincial government and its Education Department;
8. That the Provincial Government takes cognizance of and starts to appreciate the principles of equality, fairness and justice. Your failure to comply with our demands will see continued protest and action against you.

SIGNED: FOR PARENTS: .........................................

FOR COMMUNITY: .........................................

FOR SADTU / COSATU .........................................




For the Provincial Government of the Western Cape.