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COSATU's 20th Annivesary Celebration

"20 years of heroic struggle for a better life for all"

1 December 2005 is COSATU's 20th birthday. Inspired by our history of struggle to overcome the many challenges we have faced over those 20 years, we face our next 20 years confident and united, armed with Consolidating Working Class Power for Quality Jobs -Towards 2015, our programme, to carry us forward to our 30th anniversary in 2015.

The 20th anniversary will be used to reassert our unwavering commitment to our socialist principles. We will remember our debt to all the heroines and heroes of our struggle who laid COSATU's foundations by sustaining and strengthening the federation they built through sweat, struggle and sacrifice. We have already paid tribute to some of the great figures of the trade union movement - Elijah Barayi, JB Marks and Moses Kotane - and will continue to honour others.

To celebrate the actual anniversary, taking place in Durban, where it all began in 1985, we shall be:

  • Holding a mass rally on Sunday 4 December in ABSA Stadium, King's Park, Durban, to re-enact COSATU's founding rally on 1 December 1985, with past and present leaders of the federation and leaders of our Alliance partners, including ANC Deputy president Jacob Zuma.
  • Staging an exhibition to display our achievements, heritage and traditions,
  • Organising workers' cultural activities, which will showcase workers' often neglected talent as artists, musicians, poets and dancers, including:
  • A photographic and poster exhibition covering the history of the labour movement
  • Cultural, dance, music, poetry, story telling and plays
  • Display of arts and crafts
  • Video and film screenings, including a 20th anniversary special video mapping our 20 year history
  • Publishing a souvenir 20th anniversary special edition of the Shopsteward magazine and an historic illustrated commemorative book, Hlanganani Basebenzi.
  • Holding debates and discussion throughout KZN on important issues facing workers