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Clarity on SABC reports

25 November 2005

COSATU is disturbed at distortions of the comments of its General Secretary that suggest that COSATU is no longer supporting Jacob Zuma or is softening its support or even making a u-turn. This is totally not true.

At the press conference we clarified that COSATU has never in any of its constitutional structures decided to back ANC Deputy President to become the ANC President of the ANC in 2007. Indeed this is so.

COSATU has never nominated anyone through its structures to become a leader of the ANC. It should never do so. COSATU is not a branch of the ANC. Only the ANC branches have a right to nominate ANC leaders not COSATU.

We stated that we cannot determine in the COSATU constitutional structures who must be a leader of the ANC. We stated we would also take an exception if the ANC was to sit in its NEC to decide who should be the President and General Secretary of COSATU. Th is is a protocol that governs the Alliance. This however does not mean that individual members or leaders of both the ANC and COSATU have no view of who should occupy what position in the ANC or in COSATU.

COSATU members who are members of the ANC are within their right as members of the ANC to campaign and propagate particular views about leadership positions within the ANC structures. In fact we have in the past called on these members to openly engage the succession debate within the ANC structures.

The SABC misunderstood this position or it deliberately misrepresented to drive an agenda. COSATU supports for Jacob Zuma regarding the allegations he faces on corruption remain unshaken. We stated this over and over again that we believe that the ANC Depu ty President is facing a political trial. We have not changed from this view.

We did say that we are treating the two allegations against the ANC Deputy President completely separate and different from one another. We are relating to these two matters as such.

Issued by Zwelinzima Vavi - COSATU General Secretary