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COSATU NW press statement


The last two weeks to the ANC National Conference in December 2007

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West condemns the attitude and the conduct of some individual ANC leaders in the North West who are continuing to threaten, intimidate and victimise people and are even allegedly promising to buy cars for some of ANC branch delegates and promising them cash up to R10 000.00 per delegate and employment.

We think that this allegation may be true, especially after our last ANC PGC, in the North-West at which some branches which did not pass the national audit were allowed to vote, while other branches that passed the national audit were disqualified by the PEC, due to not supporting their 'third term' list, and structures that are not going to vote as provincial structures were allowed to vote, e.g. provincial ANCYL, provincial ANCWL and RECs.

Therefore our view is that the electoral unit of our province must be told to be independent and not to be biased towards certain groupings. It can be correct when your delegates to the national congress are 280 but the IEC allowed up to 333 delegates to v ote. That must be investigated.

Once again the federation wants to thank those ANC members and branches who are supporting our federation proposals for the leadership and in the policy debates at the Limpopo ANC conference. We request that you double your support for the entire top six a nd the additional NEC list.

It cannot be correct for some individual ANCWL leaders who were part of the ANC Women League's national meeting when the women of this country nominated Comrade Jacob Zuma to be the ANC President to be now be called names, while some opportunists are talki ng about 50/50 when it suits them.

When Comrade Winnie Madikizela Mandela was assaulted during the June 16th rally in Orlando Stadium by the same ANC President who is a dictator fighting for a third term, no single woman defended Comrade Winnie. We think that this case must be investigated in full to protect the rights of the women. We must remind them to respect the mandates and respect the democratic process that was exercised by the ANC Women's League and to respect their rights.

Our branches must elect the president they want for the ANC and for the country, and that is Comrade Jacob Zuma.

We call on all branches, delegates, including those who are being used against the democratic processes, to stop being used, and allow ANC members and branches to double their support for comrade Jacob Zuma for President.

We call upon the NEC of the ANC to listen to the disputes registered by ANC branches in the North-West. It is on record that since the local government election and regional conference not a single dispute, including the current ones, have been resolved. I t cannot be correct that when branches and regions are complaining about the province, that same dispute is sent back to the province to resolve.

Celebration of HIV/Aids day

COSATU North West condemns the attitude of Provincial Council on Aids in dealing with matters registered by the North-West people living with HIV and Aids. It cannot be correct for the Council on Aids not to respond on issues referred to them since 2003 ti ll today. There has still not been any response to the issues these people have raised.

Speeches during the commemoration of World Aids Day suggest that our poor people are provided with proper ARVs and that there is a clear programme to assist rural communities, but it is about time our political speeches dealt with a programme for implement ation.

Our poor people, children and the rest of society are dying from the pandemic. The struggle against stigmatisation and discrimination must be fully dealt with in action. "Stop Aids keep the promise", means that government must provide all that is due to th e people of this province as matter of urgency.

The Provincial Council on Aids has failed the people of North-West; they have failed the poor working class and the people living with HIV and Aids. The people of North- West are still struggling to receive ARVs and advocacy campaigns around challenges fac ing the poor people on HIV and Aids matters.

The Provincial Council on Aids till today is unable to respond to the people of North-West, nor can the legislature explain what they did with the R14 million for service delivery, for which they are unable to account for 2006-2007.

Our federation has demanded the re-establishment of a proper HIV and Aids structure, which is in line with the national structure, which will takes the views of the poor people and the working class seriously. The dictatorial approach of certain council me mbers and some individual politicians is not assisting the poor working class, and continues to make those who are in power to be rich and to advance towards the capitalist bench.

COSATU calls for a full-blown implementation of ARVs, proper education on HIV and Aids and a proper campaign, including providing food to the poor families every day, so that their health is boosted.

For more information feel free to contact the COSATU North West Provincial Secretary, Solly Phetoe, on (018) 462 2406 or 082 304 4055