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State power v people's power

10 December 2007

Since June this year ANC members have undergone a very laborious but democratic process of discussing resolutions to the ANC 52nd National Conference and in October branches embarked on a process of doing nominations for the leadership collective to emerge from that conference. In all this processes the ANC Constitution, Through The Eye of the Needle Rules and Regulations, Standing Orders and Codes of Conduct, guided the ANC leadership. The outcome of all this democratic process has favoured Cde Jacob Zuma as the President of the ANC.

Since this outcome we have seen certain cabinet ministers clearing their diaries and making space to convene unconstitutional meetings at branches, regions, provinces and also promising individuals money, tenders, jobs and positions in government in a bid to change, in a very scandalous manner, the outcome of this processes. This practice is foreign in the ANC; it is dangerous, undemocratic and has bad consequences, especially because it is being perpetrated by those who believe that they are the custodians of the ANC constitution, its rules, culture and traditions.

The ANC has always been for the poor and marginalised, but there are a few amongst us today who are hell bent on maintaining the status quo by hook or by crook. They want to maintain a status quo that did not benefit the poor in economic terms but only ben efited the rich. More worrying is an attempt by certain cabinet ministers who are using state resources to try to undemocratically change or undermine a democratic decision of the ANC. This only does not bode well for their character and integrity but bord ers on organisational discipline and smacks of signs of counter revolutionary behaviour. These leaders are not only a danger to themselves but a big danger to the ANC and the country.

We however believe that the Polokwane conference will once again show that the ANC is a disciplined force of the left, by adopting policies which are pro-poor. The attempt to subvert democracy by cabinet ministers and business will fail. The earlier these ministers become aware that they are riding a dead horse the better for them. They had better realise that they choose and prioritise business (in lunches, dinner, private parties) at their own peril. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Zuma ''s ascendance to presidency is unstoppable and shall never fail.

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