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The City of Cape Town has failed the poor

Western Cape and Provincial government and City of CT get failing mark for service delivery Cosatu has conducted an assessment of the delivery and performance of the DA in the Province and the City. The assessment reveals that the DA get its high mark for delivery to the old white areas and a low mark for delivery to the Cape Flats. This shows how the DA continues to perpetuate the old generational advantages of White people and neglects transformation. Cosatu evaluates the key delivery and nation building areas below and give the Province and City a mark for the different areas.

The audit of the Provincial Government

The Provincial Government has gone from bad to worse on every index that reflects the interest of working people and we give the DA a test score on everyone of the key indicators of Governance.

Education has seen the levels of inequality between rich and poor schools increasing, with working class schools criminally neglected. Here the Prov Govt scores a 40%mark

Safety and security has seen the number of people dying through violent crimes increase, with no effective plan. Here the Prov Govt gets a 30 % mark

Housing has seen more people living in informal areas as the housing backlog increases; here the Prov Govt gets 40 %.

Social services are really just the implementation of National standards and the Prov Govt gets 70%

The Health services has seen a decline in levels of services as hospitals like Jooste are closed and others understaffed 30 % mark

Public Transport is nonexistent between rural areas, as only poor black people need it - 0%

The roads have seen the old white construction company's resurfacing perfectly good roads as they continue to profit exorbitantly.

The City of Cape Town Audit

Safety and Security has seen the killings and gangsters reach horrific levels - whilst DA focuses on dogs barking and blocking freeways for traffic fines - OLD white areas70% cape Flats 20 %

Housing and land scaping has seen a criminal neglect of backyarders and the informal sector, in spite of promises with very few houses delivered and the waiting list manipulated for DA members: land scaping 70% in old white areas: 30 % in cape Flats.

Transport has seen my city busses delivered to sea point whilst Cape flats need it more urgently: uneven rollout - 80 % for old white areas 30 % for cape Flats

Social services there are not sufficient social services to undo the apartheid social injury and assist in healing communities from the backlog.

Utility services sees the skewed delivery exposed most glaringly: white areas have lighting and sufficient sewerage capacity, whilst old black areas has sewerage running into their houses: score white areas 70%: black areas 30%

The latest trick of the DA in the City is the vanity projects where they put in walkways and crash bars, in very public areas where they are not urgently needed - they get 20% for empathy and a sense of priority.

Employment Equity and affirmative action is completely ignored by the DA in the Province and the City. The majority of senior staff is still white in all levels of government and the white consultants are a way around employment equity obligations. The Private sector is taking their queue from Government and whites are still being advanced here, at the cost of black communities. The racist incidences that we see around the City are fuelled by this attitude of the DA leaders in Government, whilst they pay lip service to non racialism through poster campaign, but no action. Their score for fighting racism and nation building is 15 %

This Province has gone backwards in all the most important indicators; with the only area where good work is done are the audit reports. This is because audit reports score whether they have dotted i and crossed the T.

Cosatu will be starting 2017 with a big campaign to undo the inequalities and injustices that exist in this Province.

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