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COSATU Limpopo applauds the Executive Mayor of Vhembe District Municipality for prioritizing the needs of our people

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Limpopo wishes to applaud the conscious decision by the Executive Mayor of Vhembe District Municipality of declining luxury and prioritizing the basic needs of our people.

The Executive Mayor, comrade Florence Radzilani, has declined an offer by the municipality to buy her a R1.5m car and has instead told the municipality to buy more crane trucks to deal with water shortages in the district. This is the kind leadership our people need, particularly those that have been deployed by our movement, the African National Congress. As a revolutionary democratic movement, the ANC pursues fundamental change to create a better life for all and must use the country's resources to improve conditions of especially the poor.


  • The ANC needs revolutionary cadres and leaders who satisfy its character as a liberation movement in pursuit of the goals of its national democratic revolution.
  • A leader who wins the confidence of the people in his/her day-to-day work, a leader who leads by example
  • A leader who shows commitment to the course of our revolution, and
  • A leader who puts the interests of our people first.

By taking such a bold decision, the Executive Mayor, comrade Florence Radzilani has shown true revolutionary cadreship and leadership required by our people and the movement, particularly from deployed public representatives. COSATU is therefore making a call to all public representatives to emulate the character of leadership demonstrated by comrade Florence Radzilani. This must be done in order to recapture the confidence of our people which we are gradually losing as a result of self-centred and corrupt leaders in government.

Our accolades to the Executive Mayor, comrade Florence Radzilani once more. Let there more public representatives like her throughout all spheres of our government.

Issued by COSATU Limpopo

For more information contact Gerald Mkhomazi Twala, COSATU Provincial Secretary at 071 587 2872