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COSATU Limpopo Provincial Gender Desk respond to the ANC Women's League

COSATU Limpopo Provincial Gender Desk noted with utter dismay the vitriolic attack on COSATU Limpopo by ANCWL Limpopo.

The federation in Limpopo convened a Provincial Rally to popularize the resolutions of COSATU Central Committee. The federation resolved amongst others to support the Deputy President of the ANC to succeed the incumbent President in the 54th National Conference. This resolution is principle informed by the long standing tradition and convention of the ANC, since 1952 when Chief Albert Luthuli succeeded Dr JS Moroka as the President of ANC.

COSATU invited all alliance partners, mass democratic movements including the ANCWL Limpopo. The people of Limpopo have spoken on Sunday. They are unequivocally clear on who should succeed the incumbent President of the ANC, come the December 2017 conference. People attended the provincial rally enmasse as organizations and individually out of their own volition. Clearly the ANCWL could not stomach the fact that women came in their large numbers to demonstrate that they are tired of being made to behave like lobotomized zombies that are incapable of thinking for themselves and have outsourced their thinking capacities to a cabal of a captured leadership.

Working class women are violated killed and raped everyday in our province and we have never seen the ANC Women's League releasing media statements in their support and defense.

COSATU Limpopo Gender Desk adamantly believes that COSATU Limpopo cannot be sidetracked by innuendos and ill-informed media statements that are hell-bent on intimidating genuine revolutionaries, who are supporting the principle not personalities. Leaders in any democratic movement lead at the behest of the organization.

Our understanding as the Gender Desk of the Federation is that Democratic Centralism is a product of consultation at all levels of the democratic organisation. It is very much easy for members of the federation to support the resolution on ANC leadership succession because they were directly consulted on same. It is not about dictating to members of the federation hence the overwhelming support. We are therefore calling on like minded, sober and un-captured working class women to rise and defend our liberation movement from this apoplectic little faction.

Threats and intimidations are not part of the vocabulary of the revolutionary movement.

Issued by COSATU Limpopo Gender Desk

For more information, kindly contact the Provincial Gender Chairperson, Cde Thando Ndaba- Makitla on 082 808 3167