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COSATU Limpopo mobilizing workers for a strike against austerity measures in the province

12 March 2018

The federation has in the past two years embarked on demonstrations against the issuing and implementation of the Provincial Treasury Note 7 of 2016 ,which gave birth to the Provincial Personnel Management Framework within the provincial administration.

These measures, from afar, look progressive as far as managing and curtailing the abuse of the persal system and the escalating wage bill in the province, of course these being some of the factors which led to national cabinet invoking section 100 of the constitution of the republic of South Africa in 2011.

However, on closer scrutiny with regard to its implication on the day to day administration of personnel management and effective provision of quality services to our people, these measures have become an impediment as they are creating a lot of red tapes within departments.

The Provincial Treasury Note 7 and its twin, the Provincial Personnel Management Framework have become a nuisance amongst workers as they continue to wreak havoc leading to non and or late payment of salaries for some public servants. Some of the recent examples are the non and or late payments of salaries and other benefits for medical doctors, nurses and their prompt placements in various health institutions in the province. The non-payment of cash bonus and PMDS for the public sector for the financial year 2016/17 is also largely as a result of these austerity measures.

It is on those basis that the federation resolved as follows:

  • To begin mobilizing workers for a full blown strike in the next 60 days to demand the scrapping of the Provincial Treasury Note 7 and its related policies;
  • That in the mean time, the federation will begin embarking on picketing at each and every provincial government meeting (inclusive of Executive Council meetings) until the "two terrible twins" (Provincial Treasury Note 7 of 2016 and Provincial Personnel Management Framework) are scrapped.

Issued by COSATU Limpopo

Gerald Mkhomazi Twala (Provincial Secretary)
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