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COSATU will be presenting its submissions to Parliament's Standing Committee on Appropriations tomorrow at 9am in Parliament

The Congress of South African Trade Unions will be presenting its submissions to Parliament's Standing Committee on Appropriations tomorrow at 9am in Parliament. The federation will be expressing its vehement rejection of government's anti-working class VAT and fuel levy hikes and income tax bracket adjustment proposals. These will take money from workers' pockets and make food, transport, clothing, electricity more expensive. All of this is happening while one out of three workers is unemployed.

COSATU is calling on Parliament to reject these anti-worker taxes and to increase company, luxury goods, estate duty and taxes upon the rich instead.

We were deeply disappointed by the budget which does not come close to meeting the progressive job creation and corruption. The budget made a mockery of the goals of the President's State of the Nation Address. It was largely silent on how we will create jobs and fight corruption. It makes no cogent proposals on how to reduce wasteful expenditure and recover the state's stolen assets.

It remains equally thin on how government will place our state owned enterprises on a sustainable footing.

COSATU welcomes the funding provided for tertiary education and the planned National Health Insurance; however we are deeply concerned about the impact of the austerity measures on service delivery.

Whilst COSATU is willing to engage with government on ways to reduce wasteful expenditure, we expect government to come to the party and cut the bloated size of cabinet and the bling culture that our politicians are highly addicted to.

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