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COSATU KwaZulu-Natal Supports LIMUSA in Defence of its Leader Against TOYOTA BOSHOKU

4 July 2018

TOYOTA BOSHOKU should not be allowed to abuse Labour laws to persecute and victimize workers.

As COSATU in KZN we are more than ready to hold this company, TOYOTA BOSHOKU by its horns in defence of the leader of LIMUSA, the Provincial Secretary who works for this company who is persecuted for defending and advancing the rights of workers.

Our comrade has now been suspended three times by this supercilious ignorant transnational Company. The last straw which became a clear sign of their blatant sign of their attempt to get rid of the comrade, was last week. They unfairly fired the Provincial Secretary in August 2017 and got reinstate through the legitimate and duly process of disciplinary hearing by the Bargaining Council in June 2018.

The comrade returned back to work on Monday, 25th June and was suspended again on Thursday, 28th June, hardly a week after his return back to work. This is the worse hatred, sign of frustration and being emotional without any rationality from the side of the employer. We are terrified by this conduct as COSATU and we dare allow them to abuse our Labour Laws, which as workers we achieved through pain and sacrifice.

We are so far satisfied about the work, LIMUSA together with ourselves COSATU have done to defend the leader of our union, and we will continue to do so up until this transnational company is exposed for its exploitative behaviour to workers.

We call on all workers to unite against this deliberate neoliberal agenda aimed at undermining workers, as we say "An Injury to one, Is an Injury to All".

We are pleased for their adherence to the postponement of unwell thought-of, irrational and emotional disciplinary hearing, which they planned to sit a day after suspension, but we are still watching the space.

To this end we call upon all our unions to stay charged and ready to defend our labour rights, and we shall say "enough is enough" to the abuse of workers. Our Programme is ready and will be revealed to all workers in due course.

"Workers unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains"

Issued by COSATU KZN

Edwin Mkhize
082 399 7756