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LIMUSA statement on the failed assassination attempt on Nicolas Maduro

5 August 2018

The Liberated Metalworkers Union of South Africa has noted with great shock the assassination attempt on the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro Moros, which took place during the military parade in Caracas on Saturday, 04 August 2018, on the occasion of the 81st Anniversary of the founding of the National Guard. We strongly condemn such acts and call on all progressive forces and peace-loving global citizens to condemn such acts of terrorism.

We have noted with shock an assassination attempt on the President of Venezuela during a televised public address through the use of drones filled with bullets. Venezuelan People's Information Ministry has confirmed that drones filled with explosives went off near the president while addressing during a military ceremony. We are thankful that the drones were shot down by the presidential guard in Venezuela, preventing what could have been a disaster.

The assassination attempt is a clear indication that the global imperialist forces will stop at nothing to trample the rights of the people of Venezuela in order to obliterate the administration of President Nicolas Maduro. This is a continuation of an imperialist waged multi-faced war on Venezuela against the working class and the poor.

President Nicolas Maduro Moros has been targeted by the imperialist backed overweening opposition or rather the right wing in Venezuela which is funded and backed by global imperialism to try and overthrow a government that has been elected by the overwhelming majority of the people of the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela. Prior the elections in Venezuela, the US-led forces in the Organization of American States (OAS) tried by all means possible to mobilize against the will of the Venezuelan people to overthrow the Maduro led administration through sabotage by the private sector owned by the wealthy class, privately owned media, food shortages and protests led by the right-wing opposition in Venezuela.

This latest terrorist attack is therefore not a surprise. The Trump administration has imposed an illegal economic embargo on Venezuela, which is similar to the USA imposed economic embargo on Cuba. The US-president, Donald Trump, had announced after imposing the economic embargo on Venezuela that the USA will take military action on Venezuela against the will of the majority of citizens in Venezuela.

This attack is the beginning of the military action said by Trump on Venezuela to overthrow a legitimate government and cause instability in that country. This military action on Venezuela is taken to undermine the will of the people after the election outcomes signified the rejection of the US-backed right-wing opposition in Venezuela.

It is also not a surprised that drones were used in an attempt to assassinate the President of Venezuela. The use of drones during public gatherings as a means of attack has created a new condition throughout the world. The world has observed how the drone attacks were unleashed on innocent ordinary Palestinian people by the Us-backed Zionist regime of Israel throughout the year which has also claimed the life of a disabled Fadi Abu Salah and many others.

These are the same tendencies which were also deployed on the late Venezuelan revolutionary, an icon to the working class, Hugo Chavez. The us backed right wing removed the late President Hugo Chavez through a coup in 2002 and the people of Venezuela brought him back to his position. This attacks on Venezuela has been consistent throughout the years as an attempt by the USA and allies to extract mineral resources like oil and diamond and impoverish the people of Venezuela.

Issued by LIMUSA.

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