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DENOSA welcomes undertaking to create jobs in public health sector at Jobs Summit

5 October 2018

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) warmly welcomes the undertaking made by South African government, through President Cyril Ramaphosa, at the Jobs Summit to employ health professionals, including nurses and interns, as part of a broader commitment to creating jobs in South Africa.

DENOSA is particularly happy with the commitment to fill critical posts in health, as this move will surely result in better
patient care in our public health facilities.

Furthermore, DENOSA is pleased with the undertaking by President Ramaphosa that there won't be any jobs cut in the public service, which would be going against job-creation that the very same Summit seeks to unlock.

As an affiliate of COSATU, which has agitated for this Jobs Summit, DENOSA is pleased that, finally, all social partners under NEDLAC have had an opportunity to look at this ticking time-bomb collectively, because for far too long we have been talking past each other on this very critical issue.

In the health sector, opportunities to create jobs are there for the taking, and they need good planning by both national and provincial departments. Currently, there are thousands of nurses who have completed their qualifications, and most have been funded by government for their studies, but are sitting at home or job-hunting in traffic lights.

In the Free State, it has become a norm for nurses who have completed their community service (internship) to sit at home while staff shortages in facilities are increasingly becoming dire. This reluctance to hire nurses is putting a heavy strain on the few nurses who are employed, which often force them to resign either in fear of always-possible litigations or for greener pastures.

DENOSA congratulates COSATU for its consistent call for this Summit which has seen the light of day finally. We urge COSATU to ensure that regular follow-ups on the commitments are done, because the increasing unemployment is not something that we can allow to play itself in perpetuity if we care about the well-being of the country when majority young people are not working.

Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA)

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