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National Congress  |  COSATU Speeches

General Secretary of OATUU, Hassan A. Sonmonu speaks at COSATU 8th National Congress in Midrand Gallagher Estate

17 September 2003

Chairperson, Distinguished Invitees,Esteemed Comrade Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wish to express my appreciation and thanks for the kind invitation extended to the Organisation of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) to this very important 8th National Congress of COSATU. I bring to you, esteemed Comrade delegates and distinguished invitees, the warm greetings of 25 million African Workers from OATUU affiliates in all African countries, representing all trade union tendencies.

The COSATU is held in very high esteem by the OATUU and African Workers for its militancy and dynamism in defending the trade union rights of South African Workers, as well as the socio-economic, and democratic rights of the South African people.

This important 8th National Congress will naturally evaluate the scio-economic changes that have taken place since the destruction of apartheid and the restoration of Multi-Party, non-racial democracy in South Africa. A lot of prograss has been made, althoug some problems still remain.


Before concluding my speech, let me reiterate the support of OATUU and African Workers to the Palestinian workers and peoples for their heroic struggle against occupation, and their inalienable right to nationahood with Jerusalem as capital. We remain convinced that there can be no peace in the Middle-East until there is justice for the Palestinian people.

We extend our solidarity to the Iraqi people who have been subjected American and British occupation, for the restoration of their country`s sovereignty, under United Nations supervision. The oil and gas wealth of Iraq belong to the Iraqi peoples and nation.

We call for the lifting of U.S blockade against Cuba and the respect of Cuba`s sovereingty.

The fight against terror should start with the fight against hunger, debt, poverty, HIV/AIDS and other endemic diseases, injustice in international economic relations, joblessness and social exclusion.

As this COSATU Congress plans for its activities up to the year 2015, please, accept OATUU`S best wishes for greater dynamism, progress and sucess.

With COSATU, Another South Africa is Possible.

Long Live COSATU!

Long Live COSATU!

Long Live International Solidarity!

Long Live the African Union!