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Speech by Solly Phetoe, COSATU North West Provincial Secretary to the SACP

14 October 2006

To the chairperson comrade,
Comrade Blade Nzimande SACP General Secretary
South African Communist Party Dr Yusuf District Leadership
COSATU Leadership
North West / Gauteng SACP PEC members
Entire membership of COSATU and members of SACP
Members of the ANC, SANCO

Many workers dreamed about a society free from the ills of capitalism, but there are questions from many of workers of this country whether is this the same country which we fought against the oppression to the working class before 1994, which they fought as workers of this country to destroy the apartheid oppression, which was led by the ( Boertjies) whites who today has changed the mind of the majority of our own leaders in Government to oppress the same people who elected them in power.

Workers of this country are asking what went wrong in the mind of these leaders, to change their mind to a new type of oppression in order to benefit the individual's mostly people who are in Government as ministers, councilors to senior leaders in the leading party in Government through the so-called BEE which is exploiting workers by employing casuals, temporary workers with no benefit.

The communist party and COSATU fought against the oppression and exploitation, practice racism and victimization including the fight to end casualisation through the Job's and Poverty Campaign program, and the Communist Party will not stop until the workers and members of the society are happy, and the communist party should refuse to be used by some individual leaders in the party who are in Government to push the capitalist agenda and assist those who are anti communist and anti socialist.

It is clear to many workers in particular in the North West Province and other provinces like Gauteng, that the Gau-train is a reality of Government pushing small class bureaucrats in the ministries and enterprise managers, who treat their own workers as their own property and employ capitalist methods towards their workers. This position allows them to allocate wealth and privilege for themselves? No control over the economy, as COSATU workers, as active members of the South African Communist Party we will continue to support the Red October Program which deals with issues affecting directly so the poor workers and the society of this country. I think we should thank the leadership of communist party by taking this campaign without any fear. We must continue to give undivided support to the campaign and we will reach there as we did with the land campaign and the Red lining by Financial Institutions.

As we can se many poor communities and poor workers are beginning to benefit from the campaign. We will continue to support the Red October Campaign to advance workers' agenda which is Socialist.

The Freedom charter, which was adopted in Kliptown 26 June 1955 at last paragraph, let all people who love their people and their country now say we say here

That these freedoms we will fight for, side by side, throughout out our lives, until we have won our liberty: therefore we will do the same with all our campaigns including the affordable, accessible and efficient public transport to the people of South Africa.

The transition of a petty bourgeoisie party to a Communist Party, or more correctly the breaking with the petty bourgeoisie ideology and the foundation of a new Communist Party can only be justified by the experience of masses, the organized and militant and cadres who really understand the needs of the poor workers of this country. Evidence is there that some sections of the bourgeoisie are pleading with some politicians in government to move our country into a capitalist country for their own individual benefit and they do this without the political mandate with the masses, but because they see this as a method to dominate the nation and use their military force to destroy our organization. The State with a socialist approach will meet the objective of the people. Let us build a strong SACP. COSATU, ANC and SANCO including the Leagues, then we will achieve our goals and have a revolutionary party.