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COSATU Limpopo province condemns in the strongest possible terms RACISM that has become a way of life at Tshipise Aventura Resort in Musina.

In early November , the Manager , a Mr. Blignaut , assisted by the Director ( Labour Broker ) of the Security Company contracted by the resort , assaulted Cde.Renius Shila Molobela , and dumped him with his injuries , some 10 KM away from the institution , at an isolated spot.

The injuries sustained by the victim during the assault were treated but yesterday , the 23rd December 2009 , COSATU had to take him to a Doctor for the second time since his injuries are worsening.

Cde. Molobela then laid a charge of Assault at Musina SAPS.

However , we were informed by the Investigating Officer , on enquiring , that the Suspect will be phoned to come to SAPS. We condemn this kind of approach since assault is a very serious criminal offence.

We demand that :

1. the Suspect be arrested forthwith and that the company dismisses him immediately .

2. the labour broker ( security company ) `s contract be terminated with immediate effect.

On our part , we are engaging with the Tripartite Alliance plus SANCO , communities around the resort and workers in preparation for protest actions which we will embark upon early January 2010.

We wish Cde. Molobela a speedy recovery from his injuries.

Additional to the above , below are some of the practices : racial verbal abuse.
threats of dismissals at will.
refusal to speak to unions.
workers locked up ( 23rd December 2009 ) , difficult to get lunch cause they reported the issues to COSATU.
non compliance with BCEA security company Pretoria based , harsh treatment , involved in the Shila`s case.
senior chef , qualifies to use company residence with his family , instructed to vacate in January 2010 , White families are not affected