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No change for racist whites at Sun City

Cosatu has noticed that whites at Sun City Resorts are not prepared to change at recognize their black colleagues as people.

This follows a recent case whereby another white racist Shane MacDougall who is said to be an Assistant Beverage Unit Manager for a wing known as Liquid Beverages Systems “a position taken as one just created by the powers that be to belittle blacks and declare whites as superiors at Sun City” as the same racist did not act responsibly and mature enough to occupy such a position told three black employees that they work like “pigs” and again for that matter he was just like Marietta Le Roux given a last warning.

Cosatu take it that blacks at Sun City are nothing but just cheap animals in both the eyes of Management and white racists and it has now vowed to make or regard Sun City as its pilot project fighting and totally routing out racism at this hotel/resort.

Cosatu therefore fully disregard the decision taken by one Tseko Moumakwa in giving this racist MacDougall a last warning and take this as an insult to the whole employees of Sun City and blacks of this country and more so a s a sale of the gains of 1994 and the democracy some of us died for.

Cosatu again demand the immediate suspension of Shane MacDougall and the review of the case, failing which it will go all out again to mobilize the working class force and the entire community to hit the N4 to Sun City and that will happen throughout 2010.Cosatu also encourages all workers at Sun City to report all cases of racism and to halt all work whenever there is a case of discrimination and racism against any employee at that institution.

Cosatu further calls on all its unions’ members to join hands with Saccawu as it will be marching to the same Sun City on the 31st of December 2009 to demand better wages and better working conditions.

Cosatu mobilizes all Sun International’s institutions to call for the dismissal of its CEO David Coutt-Strotter as he seems to be taking workers light and he is actually the stumbling block when coming to settling wage disputes in with Saccawu.

Cosatu calls on all to boycott all Sun International institutions in the country and everywhere else for the betterment of workers lives.

For more information please feel free to contact the Local Secretary Madito wa ga Molebalwa at 078 126 4708/084 697 3604