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The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the Northern Cape wishes to raise our unwavering support for the workers of Sun International Hotels and Amalgamated Beverage Industries in their strike action against the ridiculous salary offers by their employers respectively.

SACCAWU has embarked on a strike at the Sun International Hotels since 04 December 2009 after the negotiations that started in May 2009 reached a deadlock. When these negotiations started, the union demanded 20% increase across the board against the 8% offered by the employer.

Since the beginning of the negotiations the union has moved twice from 20% to 13% and later to their current demand of 11% while the employer has hardly moved an inch. This alone shows the level of arrogance displayed by the employers of Sun International.

FAWU on the other hand at Amalgamated Beverage Industries started their strike on 22 December 2009 after extensive negotiations that failed to yield results. The union demands 9,5% salary increase against the 7,5% offer by the employer.

We are therefore making a humble plea to the members of the public and leaders of our revolutionary movement who make use of the facilities of Sun International to stop using them as a way of pledging support to the poor workers who have an immense contribution in making those companies what they are.

We call on all the workers, particularly the members of COSATU affiliated unions, to join forces with the striking workers and support them. It is sad to note that there are still companies which are obsessed with making huge profits at the expense of the workers.

We also call on the members of the public to stop buying the products of the Amalgamated Beverage Industries until such time that the dispute gets resolved. Such beverages as Coca-cola and all its related products should not be bought so as to put pressure on the company to resolve the dispute.

Finally, we call on all the COSATU locals as well as affiliates to moblise workers to join multitudes of the working class and the poor people in celebrating 98 years of the ANCís existence at ABSA Park in Kimberley on 09 January 2010. Let us take pride in the fact that our province will be hosting the top leadership of the entire progressive Tripartite Alliance on that day.



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