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Press Statement on the Pending Workers’

Protest Marches to ABI’s Vaal and Develand Plants and Quality/Safety of Coca Cola Products

30 December 2009 10h10

The Food and Allied Workers’ Union [FAWU] expects hundreds of its members to turn out for the protest marches scheduled for 12h30 today at the Vaal plant (No 10, Edison Boulevard street, Vanderbyl Park) and the Develand plant (No 125, Gibbs Road, Develand). The protest marches are part of the campaign to put preasure to bear on the company management to make concessions to workers’ reasonable demands. Copies of memoranda will be handed to the employer, essentially calling on their return to the table and demanding their concessions to workers’ noble demands.

It is further pleasing to note that all casual and temporary employees have joined the strike at Pretoria plant and this led to the the ABI Coke Managing Director, Mr John Ustas to run to this plant like a headless chicken instead of calling on his negotiating team to return to the negotiating table.

Meanwhile, FAWU and its striking members cannot guarantee the safety and quality of Coca Cola products produced after the morning (07h00) of the 22 December 2009. We do not believe that scab labour taken from the streets would have received adequate training and would have amassed the requisite experience to ensure adherence to quality assurance standards during production and packaging processes as well as to safety standards of ultimate products.

It is FAWU’s well considered view to advice the public to stay away from Coca Cola products until there are guarantees that safety and quality standards are adhered to as quality assurers and other quality control workers are on strike. In any event, the union would have called on South Africans and visitors to our country to boycott products produced by inexperienced workers while those with appropriate skills and required experience are on strike.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of FAWU, Katishi Masemola, will be addressing striking farm workers at Plantation Farm (Old Heidelburg Road, Rondebult, East Rand, Gauteng) at 15h30. These 250 workers have been on strike in pursuit of a wage increment of 8% over and above R1 270 minimum wages provided by Sectoral Determination Act, written contracts of employment, annual Bonus, and provisions of basic employment conditions act (BCEA) such as annual and maternity leaves, medical aid and retirement fund. These workers have been on strike since the 8% December 2009.

Please call General Secretary Katishi Masemola on 082 467 2509 for more information.

Katishi Masemola
FAWU General Secretary