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COSATU NW applauds investigations of 25 municipalities

9 December 2010

The Congress of South African Trade Unions and its affiliates welcome the criminal investigation of 25 Municipalities that are linked to corruption, which has delayed the whole programme of service delivery for the poor people in the province.

COSATU calls the investigators and the Minister of Local Government and Traditional Affairs to make sure that corruption report, which is in the hands of the Minister to be part of the proof and evidence of the criminal cases against certain individuals who are implicated in all corrupt activities.

Those who are currently subjected to the criminal cases, which is linked to corruption with a council resolution must also face the criminal cases, e.g. the mayor of Ngaka Modiri Molema and other three culprits which include councilors and officials are facing criminal court in February 2011 for trial, therefore it means that all those who were part of the council resolution for misusing the public funds must also subjected to a criminal court, e.g. the municipal manager of Madibeng is currently on R40 000 bail with is contractor on corruption activities that led the municipality to be poor and being rotten and not provide any service to the people of Madibeng.

COSATU is asking the minister with his investigators to include councilors who were part of a council resolution to corrupt municipality.The 25 municipality investigation is long overdue. The report which is with the minister was very clear about what has been a challenges in all our municipalities.

COSATU demand that the investigation must include the arrest of all those criminal who killed Moss Phakoe. The late comrade Phakoe was killed after he submitted a detailed report to the minister in March 2009, we are facing 2011 no one has been arrested.

As the federation we demand that the investigators who were appointed for the first time to investigate the killings of Moss Phakoe must also be investigated.

We want this to be clear as the federation that we will not keep quiet or sleep until the killer of the late comrade be brought to books.COSATU is calling for the national and provincial commissioner to appoint the investigators from outside the province with special experience to investigate the killings of our leader.

COSATU is asking the minister of local government and traditional affairs not to be intimidated by anybody and make sure that he save the public fund. Our province in under attack by the elected people who are corrupt and do not care about the poor people who sleep without food, water, electricity whilst they have voted them in power.

Once again the threats, intimidation, victimization will not stop COSATU to speak out about corruption. Those individuals who are corrupt must account as individuals not the ANC. The ANC has not deployed criminal but the cadres who do work for the public. If they are corrupt they must be dealt with as individuals.

Let the investigation of all 25 municipalities of the province be speed-up to allow our communities to get what they voted for and that culprit must be arrested with paying back the tax payers money for service delivery.

The Congress of South African Trade Union is still demanding a detailed investigation report from the former premierís forensic investigation when she pays over 8 million to the investigators who has not produce any report including her none accounting of over 24 million since April 2009.

Issued by:
Solly Phetoe, COSATU NW Provincial Secretary
Cell: 082 304 4055.