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COSATU NW calls on new Premier to investigate Boskop Farm activities

COSATU NW calls on new Premier to investigate Boskop Farm activities

9 December 2010

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in North West together with the Department of Labour and Land Affairs visited a controversial farm known to every politician and the white opportunist who use the ANC ticket to enrich their families yesterday.

COSATU is disappointed to hear that almost all senior politicians including the former Premier who was recalled recently after she failed the people of this province, particularly the Boskop Farm community which has lived in the farm for decades, have contributed in the cutting of water and electricity supply in the farm. They are also alleged to have played a role in robbing farm dwellers of their property.

Apart from the issue of the cutting of basic services, the visit was also aimed at dealing with issues affecting the workers in the farm owned by the former MEC of Agriculture in North West. It is alleged that the former MEC used his political power evict the rightful owners of the farm.

After the visit, COSATU concluded that there are people who are engaged in corrupt practices to enrich themselves and their families. COSATU then calls for a full investigation into the allegations that the funding obtained to run the farm was granted with an understanding that it will benefit the entire community of Boskop not only the Serfontein family.

It is also alleged that there has been money deposited into the trust fund by the Department of Agriculture during the tenure of the former MEC. The farm is registered under his son`s name who is named after his farther. It is also reported that the Land Bank which is the middle man in the farm is not aware of any sale of the land to the former MEC.
COSATU demanded that the Department of Labour must conduct full inspection on the following issues in the farm:

  • Who is the real owner of the farm?
  • How was the farm transferred to Serfontein`s family without proof of payments?
  • Why is the land bank not leading the investigation as agreed in 2008?
  • Who is real owner of the business plan and who are the beneficiaries?
  • How much money was paid from the department to the family trust fund?

The MEC of Agriculture agreed during the visit that the community will get water and electricity before Friday and that a full investigation will be done before the end of 2010.

COSATU is disturbed that Mr Serfontein is still involved in the running of the farm as he is notorious for undermining farm workers. This was witnessed when he replace the life of a young boy TSHEPO GAOURUPI who was mauled by nine lions with R60 000. Shortly after the incident Tshepo`s mother died due to depression.

COSATU calls upon the new North West Premier to appoint the Hawks to investigate the criminal activities in the farm, the Department of Agriculture and the country of NEDERLANDS that donated money to the farm as per the business plan that included members of the community who do not have water and electricity today, but have money in the name of SERFONTEIN TRUST FUND.

Both Land Affairs, Land bank and Department of Agriculture must be investigated in full.

Issued by SOLLY PHETOE, COSATU NW Provincial Secretary 0823044055.