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North West harbours the most expensive toll gate in the country

25 November 2011

The Congress of South African Trade Unions, at its recent Central Executive Committee, declared that it will launch a campaign against the open road tolling system.

COSATU North West, in making sure that this resolution is realised wants to highlight the fact that the North West province hosts the most expensive toll gate in the country, costing R69.00 per single trip for light motor vehicles and much more for trucks and other heavy vehicles.

This toll gate is acting as a barrier between the people of Swartruggens and Groot Marico and Zeerust, as the people in those areas cannot travel freely to go and visit their families who are situated on the other side of the toll gate. What is mostly worrying is that the road itself is not in good condition. Several sections of the road have pot holes.

This expensive toll gate has forced a number of motorists to use an alternative route though Pella which was not planned to carry such traffic volumes and has exposed the citizens in those area to accidents and we have lost many lives in the same road, most recently in August 2011.

As COSATU North West we are engaging in a campaign from December 2011 into the 2012 to make sure that this toll gate is removed and our people can travel freely. The campaign will be part of our national and provincial program against the capitalist agenda of making profit from the poor, wanting to be rich from the poor.

COSATU calls on the communities and all affected people and companies to come together and fight against this day light robbery of our poor people of this country including the poor workers.

COSATU also calls on the national department of transport to intervene in this matter and do a full investigation on who are the real beneficiaries of the toll gates in the NW, in particular the Swartruggens one.

For more information contact Solly Phetoe COSATU North West Provincial secretary at 082 304 4055