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COSATU to take Mayor de Lille to the equality court for disregarding SA factory jobs in favour of spending on tourism jobs

28 November 2011

COSATU will be taking the Mayor of Cape Town Ms Patricia De Lille to the Equality court for her refusal to promote a campaign to protest and promote SA made jobs. The Mayor has spent millions of Rands to champion the Design Capital Project as well as the Table Mountain project, under the disguise of Promoting jobs in the tourism sector. We supported this as COSATU even though this is a sector that promotes the financial interest of Wealthy Tourism establishments and typical DA supporters.

Yet when the City is called upon to promote the Proudly SA campaign to promote SA manufacturing jobs, they are not prepared to run the campaign or provide some funding so Capetonians are encouraged to buy South Africa made jobs. When shoppers buy a SA made product, they ensure that the factories where Cape Flats Aunties work create more jobs, this is the quickest way to defend and expand jobs. COSATU is demanding that the City spend at least the same amount of money on the Cape Flats as they have on the Camps Bay tourism owners.

COSATU is filing papers with the Equality Court to compel the Mayor to defend the jobs of factory workers also , not only the business of Tourism owners and as well as treating all sectors of the economy equally.

We attach the correspondence between the City and COSATU that shows the attitude of the Mayor. COSATU will fight for the poor even if the Mayor only wants to spend money on the rich. The Equality court application is also attached.

For Questions please call COSATU A Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, at 082 77 33 194