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COSATU Memorandum on Swartruggens toll gate

COSATU Memorandum on Swartruggens toll gate

22 June 2012

To be delivered to representatives of government

We, as representatives of COSATU in the North West were here on the 15th December 2011, the 29th March 2012 the 30th April 2012, the 11th May 2012 and again on the 25th May 2012.

We are here again today not because we like coming here but because we have observed the nature and attitude of the people we are dealing with.

In our last memorandum handed to government on the 11th May 2012 we demanded the following:

  1. The reduction of the toll fee to R20.00 with immediate effect
  2. The construction of an alternative route parallel to the toll road to provide the poor with access to travelling.
  3. The speedy completion of the repair work on the road that connects Lindleyspoort and Boshoek and the one that connects Koster and Lichtenburg.
  4. Government must release the concession contract to the public.
  5. Government must investigate how the concession contract was awarded and how did it come to the building of this toll plaza
  6. Government must convene a meeting between COSATU and all other parties involved to resolve the matter.

In the response from the MEC of transport, roads and public works we were told that the government share the same concerns as ourselves and promised that there will be an intervention on this toll gate.

So far we have not received any response from government but we have seen our national government committing R16.7 billion to the IMF in order to resolve the European economic crises as if we do not have a crisis here at home and we are told that this is an investment.

We believe that no investment can be done while the people of this country, in particular this province do not have access to basic service like water, electricity, sanitation and proper road infrastructure.

We call on government to first invest in its own people before it can invest elsewhere.

We raised a number of concerns in the last memorandum including the fact that Bakwena is violating the user pay principle as outlined in the policy in that motorist pay for the kilometres they are not going to travel.

We are now observing our own government adopting the same attitude as adopted by Bakwena and they are also not willing to listen to our demands.

COSATU has an anti-privatisation campaign and we will not stop this campaign until all the state institution are returned to the state which will include this road.

Today we are again demanding the following:

  1. The suspension of the collection of toll fees on this road with immediate effect
  2. The termination of the Bakwena contract and the return of this road to the department of transport roads and public works.
  3. The establishment of a task team which will look at the state of the road infrastructure in the North West and recommend funding models.
  4. Failure to meet the above demands within the next seven days will leave us with no option but to escalate our demands to national minister of transport.

Signed on behalf of COSATU


Signed on behalf of Government: