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COSATU NW’s successful provincial congress

COSATU NW’s successful provincial congress

23 July 2012

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West held a successful elective congress over the past weekend, from 20th-22nd July 2012 at Potchefstroom Madiba Banquet Hall, under the theme “Advance working class power for socialism and mobilise against corruption and exploitation - role of the working class in the liberation struggle - strengthening COSATU for total emancipation”.

The Congress received a report of the past three years which assessed the political, socio economic and organisational situation in the province and came up with a number of resolutions which amongst others include:

  • To strengthen COSATU locals and affiliates and ensure that membership service takes priority in all our activities;
  • To prioritise the education work and revive the Chris Hani Brigade; locals will convene social forums and general meetings and affiliates will convene workplace forums and educational meetings to deal with issues as we are preparing towards our national congress.
  • Strengthen our working relations with the traditional leaders in the province and work together with them to fight for provision of quality services in our communities.
  • Campaign against xenophobia, tribalism, regionalism and all forms of discrimination.
  • Campaign for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the mainstream of the economy, including recruiting them into COSATU unions for bettering their conditions.
  • Continue to swell the ranks of the ANC with the intention of redirecting the movement back to its core objective of building an equalitarian society and redirect the ANC to the objectives of the NDR and the freedom charter.
  • Continue to contest the ANC in order to impose working class hegemony in the movement as the ANC continue to be ideologically contested.
  • Continue to support and build a strong SACP in all our communities and build SACP units in all workplaces; all our affiliates will use all their activities to recruit for the SACP.
  • Work together with the SACP to build the ideological capacity of our members and the community at large.
  • Intensify our fight against corruption and make sure that all the whistle blowers are protected and anybody who is implicated in corruption must be exposed and prosecuted without fear.
  • Intensify our campaign for the realisation of the COSATU Growth Path for Full Employment and ensure the provincial growth and development strategy includes the pillars of our growth and make sure that the planning commission works for the poor.
  • Support the program of blacklisting the corrupt companies and exposing them publicly.
  • Demand the release of the report of the SIU investigation which was done in the 23 municipalities in the province and the forensic investigation in provincial departments to be released.
  • Call on for further investigation on what led to the murder of comrade Moss Phakoe and let all those who have been convicted tell us why they have killed comrade Moss Phakoe.
  • Continue to build the engines of the COSATU which means strengthening the affiliates and the locals for quality service to the members including intensifying our solidarity program and fight against union bashing in particular
  • Impala mines, framers and the security companies.
  • Intensify our recruitment campaign for the realisation of the 2015 plan objectives.

In the declaration, the congress said its primary task moving forward is to “advance working class power for socialism to mobilise against corruption and exploitation to strengthen COSATU for total emancipation of the working class to dislodge the tendency and defeat it in all the structures of the movement where it rears its ugly head”.

The congress further elected the new leadership to take forward this mandate for the coming three years and the new leadership is as follows:

Provincial Chairperson: Boingotlo Nthebe
Provincial Deputy Chairperson: Nomsa Nong
Provincial Treasurer: Kefiloe Leeuw
Provincial Secretary: Solly Phetoe
Delegates in the congress showed a high level of unity and discipline amongst themselves.