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COSATU NW Provincial Shop Steward Council resolutions

COSATU NW Provincial Shop Steward Council resolutions

14 October 2013

The Congress of South African Trade Unions with its affiliates met on 11th October 2013 at Chris Hani hall at Tlokwe municipality with over 1600 delegates of shop stewards representing its members in the province. The council received reports from the provincial secretary on behalf of the PEC on the following issues


  • State of our affiliates.
  • State of our locals.
  • The listening campaign report.
  • State of the situation in the mining
  • Servicing our members.
  • The proposed program for 2014.


  • 2014 election program.
  • The state of Tlokwe by-election.
  • The by-election on 23rd October 2013.
  • Political situation of the NW


  • Racial attacks on farm workers and their families.
  • Racism in schools.
  • Expensive toll gate and e-tolling.
  • Expensive electricity.
  • None compliance by municipalities.
  • State of the PGDS
  • State of the NDP in the NW.
  • State of the mining.

The council adopted the reports with its recommendation including the additional program that must start running in the mining industry and in the farms.

The program will include the intensification of membership service to all our members and that our listening campaign program must continue as part of our program to make sure that we close the social distance between elected leaders and our members both at the workplace and provincial and national level.

On the sate of our affiliates, the PSSC resolved that the federation must continue to monitor the work of affiliates and intervene where is required to do so by affiliates or at the request of members.

The PSSC also resolved that the federation must continue to work closely with affiliates on issues that are raised by workers in order to deal with them collectively with all structures of the federation and its affiliates.

With all our unions that are faced with critical attacks from anti-revolutionaries, such as in the mines, the federation must get in to work with affected affiliates on time.

The PSSC resolved that there must be a provincial workshop on membership service and a discussion on at what time the federation should intervene on matters of the affiliates and members.

The council reaffirmed the congress resolution that all affiliates that recruited members that do not belong to their sector must be handed over to the relevant union with immediately from today which is the day of our PSSC.

SUN CITY MATTER: The PSSC resolved that the matter must be discussed with the MEC of Economic Affairs, the Sun International board and must include the ANC provincial leadership on the critical issues of dismissal of our shop stewards for exposing the labour brokers, exposing racial discrimination against the Guptas, workers being dismissed for attending May Day rallies, which our workers have the right to celebrate in the country and internationally.

The federation will not keep quiet when its members are treated in the manner that Sun City and Sun International is treating workers.


The PSSC resolved that all our locals are very important and they must be supported by all affiliates, and all affiliates must take responsibility for making sure that locals are resourced and supported with all that we have as the federation, as they are implementing what the congresses, CEC and PEC have resolved on.

Our locals are mandated to do mini-programs on the outstanding campaigns for 2013 which must include the anti-racism campaign, racial discrimination, labour brokers, e-tolling, the expensive toll gate and the campaign on reclaiming our integrity in the mines and in the farms.


The PSSC resolved and reaffirmed the decisions of the CEC and of our last provincial and national congresses to fight against e-tolling, the Swartruggens expensive toll gate, the labour brokers, fight for better wages, the fight against the exploitation of farm workers, racial discrimination at the work place and the killing of farm workers on a daily basis by farmers.

The federation will be consulting with all stake holders in the province, which will include the traditional leaders, in the next five days with a clear program to be implemented in the mines, on the toll gate, the fight for public access to transport, the fight against any program of privatization of our roads, the fight for water and electricity which can be afforded by our own poor people in the rural areas.


The PSSC adopted the proposed program to be implemented in the mines, starting from the next week with a task team in Rustenburg which must include the federation program on the 2014 election and the program on how to reclaim our members back that were taken by force to join the management unions. The PSSC condemned the continued killing of workers, in particular women in the mines, and that those who are killing women on the basis that they are NUM members they are really anti-revolutionaries and reactionaries.

As much as we agree that we are weak in other areas, workers were taken on an unprotected strike demanding R9000 after deductions, demanding R12500, demanding R16500 and from these demands we lost workers, we lost brothers, sisters, fathers and sons. Did all workers get what other workers died for or only few benefited from the exploited workers who are continue to kill each other and white monopoly capital who celebrate the blood of our own.

We want to repeat what we said in July 2013 that we were part of the struggle to defend workers’ rights before 1994 and after, and that through our existence we have made sure that there are progressive labour laws such as the LRA, BCEA and many others, and will fight against anybody who will want take away all our rights, including fight that we are preparing to take to the street on labour brokers which are owned by some of the politicians.

Workers were dismissed during the unprotected strikes in the mines, in some of which we as the federation intervened and we are still intervening on behalf of others who have no work due to that unprotected strike that killed many of the African black workers. No white person or any of the management were killed, only African black workers, include the black men and women in blue uniform [police]. The killing of women in the mines is condemned and we as the federation will be leading a campaign in the mine as part of our 16 days activism which will be launched in the mine right in Wonderkop in November 2013.

We are calling once more on workers to stop killing each other. Workers have a right to join the union of their choice, as part of democracy principles, but there is no democracy in killing other workers who have also right to join their union of their choice. We must all stop killing each other; we must stop intimidating people who associate with red t-shirts.

We shall continue with our listening campaign in all sectors, targeting the mining industry and the farms as we approach our recruitment month, our health and safety and our Red October which will include launching 16 days of activism in November 2013.


The PSSC condemned the continuation of racial killing, in particular of farm workers with their families. Areas where this is taking place include Macquarie Hills, Ventersdorp, Vryburg hoer school, Bossdam, Zeerust, Swartruggens and Brits.

We are disappointed in the manner that NPA and the police are dealing with racial killings, in particular where a rich white racist is involved. Just to take two cases that justice must respond to the public if justice is only about those who are rich or not is the case of a white racist father and son who killed two farm workers in Ramokoka village; the case was just thrown out of court this month.

The NPA and the police are confirming that the belongings of the two farm workers were found in the accused’s house, with full information, but the manner in which the case was investigated by the police left many issues out, and we agree with the family that the issue was a murder, not the theft of cellphones that the family are now being told about after nine years.

The second case is that of three young girls who are learners at Maquassie Hills High School who were attacked racially by a white racist man who has used his money not to be arrested after he assaulted one of those girls and threw her in to the river in front of an old African man. What does it mean to our democracy in 20 years for those who have no capital power?


The PSSC reaffirmed the congress resolutions and that all COSATU affiliates will make sure that the ANC wins the 2014 election and support all programs from the ANC on election work, including making sure that the deployment of all PEC members, locals and others structures of COSATU to the PEMT, PET, RET, LET and BET is respected and implemented as per the program submitted from the secretariat report.

The federation resolved to have election war rooms in all regions and one provincial war room which must have two full-time election coordinators stationed at COSATU house from next Monday.

All affiliates will do the same as NUMSA and SATAWU did with an election program which must include a recruitment program for 2013 and 2014. The program will be integrated in to one COSATU program and integrated in the ANC election program.


The PSSC congratulated all affiliates and locals who were able to be at the by-election campaign and all members of the federation who played a role for the ANC to win the by election and condemned those of our members who are alleged working with the independent to weaken the ANC.

The PSSC reaffirmed the PEC position that once we win Tlokwe back as the ANC, the current mayor must not come back; the ANC must consult with the alliance on the deployment of a new mayor.

The federation resolved to deploy its leaders again, starting from next week as the next by election will take place on 23rd October 2013. The ANC must produce a program for all door-to-door work, making sure that we do work in the township of Tlokwe. For that reason we called our PSSC in the township who were disappointment at the ANC not responding to our call to address our PSSC on those challenges that were raised by the council.


We reaffirmed our position as per the congress resolution to fight against corruption and expose anyone who is implicated in the municipalities such as Madibeng, Matlosana, Ditsobotla, Mafikeng, Taung, Naledi, Maquassie Hills and many others in the province including Rustenburg which is still led by the criminals who killed Moss Phokoe.

The PSSC reaffirmed the positions of solidarity and that once SAMWU calls a mass action against corruption and to name and sham, those who are leading the downfall of SAMWU in the municipalities ,we will join them as the federation as part of our campaign.

The PSSC also condemned strongly the continuation of non-compliance by municipalities such Naledi where we lost two lives this week due to poor conditions of work and that action must be taken against that municipality.


The PSSC resolved that as part of our socio economic program we must engage with our traditional leaders as we face the moment that people are going to deal with us during election campaign on issues the raised with us during the previous election campaign in 2011. But we agreed to take the following campaigns with communities as a critical challenge facing all of us: water, electricity, jobs and cleaning of our streets.


The PSSC reaffirmed the position of the congress and that of our last CEC that we must fight for our space.

On the issue of e tolling system, the expensive toll gate in the NW, we must proceed with our actions as we are going ahead to fight against the paying of R75 at the ‘Swartruggens toll gate and that will take place in the next two weeks from today, with all COSATU affiliates cars including members.

The labour brokers, the exploitation of workers in the security, in the farms, in the shops and in the mines and fighting against temporary teachers, against the exploitation of our ABET educators and against the closing of farm schools.

We resolved to engage with the office of the premier on the state of the PGDS and the NDP as we hear in the media that the NW is moving on the implementation while we are not invited or taken on board.

We must also engage the MEC of health on the implementation of the NHI which we have started. The pilot project must include labour, in particular the federation.

We call on all our members in all regions of the NW to make sure that they participate in the structures of the ANC and make sure that they advance the working class agenda.

We call on all our members to join us during the by election campaign in Tlokwe for the coming by election on the 23rd. We call on all our members to join us during the closing of the toll gate of Swartruggens in the next two weeks from today. We call on all our members to join us during the implementation of our program in the mines for the returning of our members back home unintimidated, with no violence, and, during the launching of our 16 days of activism, defending our women’s rights and to stop killing each other in the mines.

For more information feel free to call COSATU NW provincial secretary Solly Phetoe [0823044055]