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Memorandum to Hawks on COSATU Gauteng`s National Day of Action

15 November 2013

We are mandated by the Cosatu 11th National Congress and the recent Collective and Bargaining Conference to fight jointly with all the state institutions and government against crime and corruption in our country.

We believe that there is high level of crime and corruption in our country which has a negative impact to the delivery of the services to our community and the working class community in particular. The corruption is found across all spheres and sectors in our community and we understand that as long as the system of capitalism exist such scourge of corruption will not end; however we could reduce the epidemic working with all state institutions and in particular with the Hawks.

It is on these basis that we have come today to the JHB Central Police Station to ask you as the special investigating authority with all necessary skills and expertise to arrest all those individuals who have been involved in crime and corruption during the construction of the Gauteng Free Way Improvement Project and also in the construction of the 2010 World Cup stadiums.

The construction companies have openly acceded and confessed to their part and role in the corrupt practices called Collusion during the construction of the Stadiums and also of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Projects. We believe that all crime must be treated the same and all those involved must also be treated the same and in particular the private sector which in all instances condemn government but being the causes of corruption in the country.

We therefore call upon the Hawks to arrest all those that have been implicated in this corruption and for them to face the music, just like many others who have been charged and prosecuted for such acts. They are stealing of millions of Rands which ought to be used to provide basic public services to the poor and they have pocketed such resources for their narrow greed.

Evidence of the collusion between these companies is contained in the Competition Commission`s Report which the Hawks must demand from the Competitions Commission and start to prosecute without any further delays. We believe that such will send a strong message to both the private and public institutions that our country will not tolerate any form of corruption.

We also request that the Hawks must release the information of the corruption reported in the Department of Health in Gauteng which was done by the SIU, including in the Ekurhuleni and Tshwane Metros.

The corruption which took place in this Department is even till today impacting negatively to the provision of health services to the working class community. We demand that those who are implicated by these reports must face the music sooner rather than later and the Hawks have the capacity and skills to conduct to ensure that such is done.

We demand that such must be done within 7 days from receipt of this memorandum of demands.

Signed on behalf of the Hawks:

Signed on behalf of Cosatu:


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