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COSATU NW mourns the passing of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

6 December 2013

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West joins the rest of the nation and the world at large in mourning the death of our icon Nelson Mandela.

Mandela dedicated his life to fight against crimes against humanity. He always aspired to see a world where all human beings are treated as equals and respected.

Mandela had respect for all human beings in all the institutions and organisations that he belonged to and he never saw himself above anyone. Hence he always humbled himself in front of his people and he served them his entire life until today the 5th December 2013, a day which will never be forgotten by anyone in the RSA and the world at large.

His leadership role and ability to reconcile will continue to inspire the South African nation and the world at large.
One of the things which was close to Mandela`s heart was children, in that he aspired to see a world where children are protected and provided for; hence he dedicated half of his salary as the President of South Africa to establishing the Mandela Children`s Fund.

How many of our leaders in SA can do that? He dedicated his important day to the poor people of our country and requested us to use only 67 minutes to do something for the poor. How many of us will do that in SA?

As COSATU in the North West we believe that he has made his contribution in the world and what is left for the rest of us is to make sure that his legacy continues to drive the agenda of democracy and unite the people of the RSA.

The life of Tata Madiba must be used to create a decent life for all of us and unite the poor working class.

What happened at Marikana must never happen again. We must join hands under the life of our president Madiba and say that will never happen again. This what Madiba was fighting for - reconciliation of both in our country and the world.

The mission of Madiba was to build a safe nation and healthy life for all us. Let us all take that and unite the country from oppression and exploitation.

We call on all our members in the NW to celebrated the life of Madiba and make sure that we deliver on his values.

Madiba is not dead; he is still with us in all what we are doing; he will continue to guide us through his spirit.

Rest in peace Madiba, robala ka kgotso mogaka.

All workers in the NW are requested to join hands with all the masses of our nation to celebrate the life of our president.
For more information feel free to call COSATU provincial secretary Solly Phetoe [0823044055]