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COSATU Northern Cape PEC statement

9 December 2013

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the Northern Cape held the fourth and final meeting of the Provincial Executive Committee for the year, on 05 December 2013 in Kimberley. The meeting was attended by the representatives from COSATU affiliated unions in the province.

That meeting recognised the fact that it was held during a few days after World AIDS Day and in the middle of the 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children.

We noted the negative developments in our province where an 87 year old granny was raped and murdered in her house and a six-month old baby was raped, allegedly by her uncle. After extensive deliberations the PEC resolved as follows:

1. On Political Issues
" The PEC reaffirms its commitment to support the ANC towards an two thirds overwhelming victory in the general elections in 2014
* The decision is informed by the massive achievements by the ANC government in the past 20 years including free education, access to health, improved social grants, free houses for the aged and the unemployed, free water and electricity etc
* The COSATU Northern Cape red Brigade that was launched on 02 November 2013 will work together with ANC volunteers in all branches to ensure the victory that we are committed to
* All Affiliates will provide the Provincial Office with lists of shop stewards that will be released to do the work of the federation on a full time basis
* The PEC notes the redeployment of the Executive Mayor of Sol Plaatjie Municipality and hope that this move will help to accelerate service delivery to the poor
* It is however the view of the PEC that the challenges in Sol Plaatjie municipality are not only political but in fact we need an administration shake up for the efficient functioning of the municipality
* We therefore call on the incoming Executive Mayor to ensure that there is accountability from administration without necessarily interfering with administration
* The PEC also noted the Provincial List Conference that took place on 21 October 2013 and called on the POBs to engage the ANC leadership on the outcome before the National List Conference
* We will convene a meeting of the COSATU War Room immediately after the January 08 rally in Mpumalanga to launch our election campaign on a full scale
* The POBs are tasked with a responsibility of meeting with the Provincial Head of the hawks in January to raise our concerns about their conduct in the province
* We call on the law enforcement agencies to force the opposition coalition to relinquish power in the Nama Khoi Municipality
* In the same breath we call on the MEC for COGHSTA to investigate the possibility that the resources of that municipality have been used to challenge a democratic process in court

Organisational Issues:

  • The POSs will convene an urgent meeting between NUM and SATAWU to discuss the issue of the overlapping scope of organising in the mines
  • There is a need for us to fast track the induction of the Young Workers and the Provincial Gender structure to ensure that they function optimally
  • The federation in the northern Cape will embark on a solidarity campaign, starting with the NUM in January 2013, to ensure the optimum functionality of the affiliates
  • The induction of locals will start in earnest in February 2013 and all PEC members will be deployed to the locals for those launches

3. On Socio-economic issues
* We condemn the brutal rape of the young baby girl in Kimberley which happened during the period of the 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children
* The PEC also noted with deep concern and anger the brutal rape and murder of an 87 year old granny at her house in Galeshewe
* The POBs are sent to those families to communicate our condolences in person and not through media
* We will continue to engage the Premier`s office on the filling of vacant and funded posts in the province
* It is our considered view that the filling of vacant and funded posts will serve the purpose of accelerating service delivery as well as the creation of decent jobs
* The PEC resolved to continue engaging the ANC as well as the Provincial Government to do away with outsourcing and privatisation in favour of the creation of decent jobs

4. On International Issues
* The PEC noted the revelations by former president Thabo Mbeki that the British Government was determined to depose of President Mugabe and concluded that it is a confirmation of our long held views
* We call on the people of Zimbabwe to close ranks in defence of the Zanu-PF from foreign interference by the Western countries that seek to re-colonise the African continent ideologically
* We are disappointed by SAFA`s decision to ignore our calls not to play a friendly match with Swaziland. In our views this is tantamount to endorsing the human rights violations in that country
* It is our considered view that the silence of government when the calls were made was a silent endorsement of the game which makes them equally guilty of inaction against human rights violations
* The ongoing conflict in Libya is a clear display of the motive behind the killing of Muammar Gadaffi, which was solely about access to the oil resources by the West
* The PEC got a report on the successful international workshop that was held in October in Kimberley and resolved to establish an international sub-committee to take forward the resolutions of the workshop

5. Conclusion
On the evening of the 05 December 2013, just after the closure of the PEC we learned about the painful demise of our revolutionary icon and the torch bearer of the National Democratic Revolution. Tata Mandela was a moral compass of the revolutionary alliance and the entire country and the world.

When we got the news of his departure we, like everyone throughout the world reflected on what he has done for humanity. As COSATU in the Northern Cape we send our deepest and sincere condolences to his family and the entire working class of South Africa that he liberated through his selfless sacrifice.

We call on every South African to pause and reflect on Madiba`s selflessness and his hatred for corruption and graft. Hiss undying love for the ANC leaves us with no option but to fight tirelessly to defend his legacy and to ensure that the ANC remains in power solely to fulfil his dream of non-racial, non-sexist and equal society.

We dip our red banner in honour of this revolutionary icon of the South African liberation struggle.

We also pass our deepest sympathies to the family of one of South Africa`s greatest sportsmen, Jacob "Baby Jake" Matlala who passed on shortly after Tata. His love for Madiba was great and he showed it by giving him one of his precious possessions, a hard earned title belt. Like Tata Madiba he is testimony of a long struggle and they both proved that perseverance yields positive results.

May their dear souls rest in peace

For more information please contact COSATU Northern Cape Provincial Secretary. Anele Gxoyiya @ 082 829 1961