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COSATU Northern Cape press statement on the Swazi Repression

17 December 2013

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the Northern Cape is deeply shocked but not surprised by the behaviour of the Swazi police who senselessly broke up a memorial service organised by the SUDF in honour of the world greatest statesman and a stalwart of the South African revolution, Tata Nelson Mandela.

As the whole world was mourning the passing of this great icon and celebrating his great life, the Swazi police, stupefied by their blind loyalty to Mswati, were so obsessed with defending the illegal regime even at the time when the greatest enemies ceased hostilities in honour of Madiba.

This unbecoming behaviour is a clear indication that Mswati is prepared to stoop to the lowest level in defence of his illegitimate government and his massive looting of government resources to the detriment of the Swazi people.

Our Madiba was envied and respected even by the architects and masters of imperialism, Mswati is the only one who has refused to recognise our mourning and used events meant for a good cause to continue with his repression.

We are vindicated in our calls for the South African government not to co-operate with Mswati as he has regard for no one but himself. Our calls for our government to break ties with the Swazi regime and mobilise the international community to pressurise Mswati to usher democracy into Swaziland are vindicated by this unbecoming behaviour.

We call on the working class of Swaziland to stick to their convictions and put pressure on Mswati and educate those evil forces of Mswati regime that Swazi repression is not permanent. They must draw strength from the life and times of Tata Mandela and those who came before and after him and stick to their courage. The liberation of the people of Swaziland is inevitable.

For more information please contact the Provincial Secretary, Anele Gxoyiya @ 0828291961