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Shopsteward Volume 27: Special Bulletin

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Political Policy

COSATU believes in a democratic society free of racism, sexism and the exploitation of the working class. We believe in a society where workers have full control over their lives. We are determined to work with other democratic forces to do away with all forms of oppression and exploitation.

From our inception, we have always believed in the need for broad fronts to achieve our political and socio-economic struggles. Together with the UDF and its affiliates we were involved in struggles that brought about the current dispensation.

When political organisations were unbanned, the ANC, SACP and COSATU agreed to work together as a Revolutionary Alliance (Tripartite Alliance, the Alliance). The Alliance is centered around short, medium to long terms goals of the National Democratic Revolution - the establishment of a democratic and non-racial South Africa, economic transformation and continued process of political and economic democratisation.

The 6th National Congress resolved that the Alliance remains the only vehicle capable of bringing about fundamental transformation in South Africa. Despite difficulties and challenges of the transition including certain differences over approaches to macro-economic policies, we are working out a transformation programme for the Alliance, based on the RDP. These independent organisations also have separate but complementary programmes. COSATU and the SACP are also committed to the struggle for socialism.

Socio-economic Policy

Our socio-economic policy is based on the need to eliminate economic inequities and poverty in society and in the workplace. Taking into account COSATU's rejection of the government's macro-economic framework, the Alliance agreed that we need a developmental, macro-economic policy, aligned to the needs of the country. Such a policy must evolve in line with these needs, while recognising the real constraints we face. No macro-economic policy is cast in stone and the Alliance needs to continue discussions on areas where there is disagreement. At the same time we should ensure that policies enhance job security and job creation rather than destroy jobs.