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COSATU Takes City Of Cape Town to the Equality Court

9 December 2014

The City of Cape Town and COSATU had the first sitting in the Equality Court today to address the concerns of COSATU that the City is unfairly discriminating against poorer areas in the roll-out of the My Citi busses. COSATU had pointed out that beside the obvious differences that we have with the City ideologically in respect of who needs a public transport system most urgently, we maintain our view that poorer communities need public services more urgently than wealthier communities. It therefore stands to reason that the Khayelitsha / Mitchell’s Plain area must get bus routes before Milnerton.

COSATU has insisted that the following 3 things must be done before the court application can be deemed resolved:

- The City must use the busses available in the City as well as by Golden Arrow to complement the existing bus service to overcome the shortcomings in those areas;

- The City must fast-track the building of bus stations in Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha, for bus stations which are similar in all material respects to the stations in the Milnerton area;

- The City must introduce a payment System that must facilitate payment in cash on the bus, for people who are unable to recharge a ticket due to proximity issues. The ticket query system must be addressed to make it more user friendly to poorer communities.

Should these 3 things be implemented and agreed to by the City then COSATU will suspend this expensive process to negotiate an incremental improvement. The notion of substantial equality must however be embraced inside the City services. COSATU will continue to insist on a system that is substantively as fair as the system in the wealthy areas, for all.

With questions please call COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, at 082 7733194