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Tim Harris’ Appointment Demonstrates City of Cape Town Corruption

11 December 2014

The corrupt practices of the City of Cape Town are exposed by the appointment of Tim Harris as the CEO of the Western Cape Investment and Trade and Promotion Agency (WESGRO).

The City had clearly given Tim Harris a parking bay to wait for this appointment as the CEO of WESGRO. The process to appoint Harris as the CEO was also questionable.

The City had created a job for Harris in the City where there was none; and no budget! They took money that should have been used to deliver services to poor people, so that they could create white jobs. This practice is a regular event in the City of Cape Town, where the white mafia rule.

The suitability of Tim Harris is highly questionable for such an important position, given his displayed incompetence in matters economic. Tim Harris did not want to return to parliament after being humiliated and exposed by Minister Patel on a National TV debate. This man was meant to be the head of the DA economic ‘brains trust’, but only exposed the white brain deficit.

This is the clearest indication yet of the cadre deployment strategy of the DA, where incompetents’ are given cosy positions, with made up jobs. There was a whole song and dance from the DA on the importance of the position that Harris was going to occupy in the City. Now it is exposed that he is just another ‘jobs for pals’ recipient.

The talk in the City is that Mayor De Lille did not want Harris, but the Premier Zille imposed him on the City. The reason Zille is looking after Harris, is because he took a bullet for her in the TV debate, where the Zille ‘smarts’ would have been exposed by Minister Ebrahim Patel.

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