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COSATU NW and government boards

17 December 2014

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the NW is happy that Auditor General has managed to audit the all the boards in the NW but not that the majority of them cannot produce a clean record; only three can produce clean records with accountability.

We have been complaining for some time about the way the NW boards are run or they are operating and they way they are appointed but this has not been taken seriously by our own government. We are happy that Auditor General will make government, in particular the politicians deployed in Government, take charge of those boards, not officials or the boards accounting to themselves as they are doing today.

We call on our NW Provincial Executive Council led by the premier to appoint investigators to investigate all the NW boards and all state entities, with a view of disbanding all of them and appointing those who will be accountable to the communities of the NW and to the government so that they will be able to improve the life of the poor communities and assist government to create jobs.

Most of the boards in the NW have no interest of the poor, in particular workers who are exploited right in their faces by those companies they are running such as Sun City, Bojanala Bus Companies including many of those companies in particular at Tourism, Gambling Board, Dirapeng, NTI, where workers are exploited big time.

We call on the team to investigate how those boards are established, how board members are appointed, what are they bring to the communities of the NW, what is their contributions to the creating of jobs or in helping government in eradicating poverty of our poor working class. Some are appointed wrongly or factionally, in particular those who are appointed in the NTI, including some former members of COPE and some who were dismissed from the ANC and are just being released from jail.

We call on the Auditor General to release his report publicly and action must be taken to those found to be corrupt.

We are aware that most of the boards convene meeting just for the seating allowances. Nothing is more important to them than to make money, but workers who are working for those boards and those who are employed by companies run by those boards are exploited daily, such as those at Sun City.

Corruption is very high in these boards and entities. The NW provincial government must take over all those boards, including Sun City, so that it improves the lives of our poor working class. Government must also demand the shares of the NW which were sold to the Sun International board when we dissolved the Bantu stands after 1994. Those shares must come back to the NW people to create jobs.

All the boards must be dissolved and new boards appointed with people experienced in running the boards, creating jobs and respecting the mandate of the people of the NW. All the boards must include or have representatives from all sectors, in particular workers, NGOs, traditional leaders, women, youth, people with disability and those with experience as technical people for the boards to operate cleanly on their mandate.

The current boards are not helping the communities or our government to create jobs, and therefore they must all be dissolved.

For more information feel free to call COSATU NW Provincial Secretary Solly Phetoe [0823044055]