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COSATU calls on motorists to boycott payment at the toll gate

18 December 2014

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the NW calls on all motorists who use the N4 road to boycott the expensive toll gate of Swartruggens during this festive season

We call the boycott due to the arrogance of the Sanral and Bakwena in not responding to the demand of the poor working class and the motorists using the N4 road, in particular those who use this expensive toll gate.

Sanral and Bakwena are celebrating that they are making money from the poor working class of the NW and therefore are not prepared to reduce any fees until the end of the concession contract which ends in 17 years. By that time Sanral and Bakwena will have made a profit of R15 billion out of the poor working class who are paying currently R75 per small car and more than R256 for trucks.

They are also complaining that because the minister has not approved an annual increase in the toll to R79 per small car, they are losing almost R700 000 per month. This shows that they are making a lot of money from the poor. They continue to bring increasing poverty to the poor people of the NW, who are benefiting nothing.

The Swartruggens toll gate started in 2002 charging from R39 and in 2014 it should have been increased to R79 per small cars and more for the trucks, while their white farmer friends continues to enjoy the discount of between 95% to 15%, and the poor continue to pay R75, and it will go up very soon.

We are asking all the motorists and the people of the NW to support us to lead a strong campaign against the expensive toll gate and that we must boycott it during the December holidays. We must refuse to pay and we must only use the Koster road to Mafikeng and Boshhoek during this time where they are expected to make money.

We must also refuse to register for the discount of Zeerust, Swartruggens and Groot Marico until the discount is extended to Mafikeng and Brits, where most of our motorist are coming from.

We must start our boycott this week, Friday 19th December 2014, after two applications we have made under the Gatherings Act to picket over the weekend have been denied by the municipality and the police.

Sanral must know that they are not running this country. This democratic government was achieved through blood of our comrades and Sanral was not there, so we will not allow them to demoralise our poor working against our own democratic government.

For more information call COSATU NW Provincial Secretary Solly Phetoe [0823044055]