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COSATU NW wishes all workers a safe Christmas

18 December 2014

COSATU NW wishes all workers a safe Christmas

The Congress of South African Trade Unions wishes all workers in the NW a safe and happy festive season and a happy new year in 2015. We call on workers in the NW to celebrate festive season and new year under all those challenges the federation has been facing in 2014 and come with fresh minds and new ideas to build a strong COSATU, strong ANC, strong SACP and strong SANCO.

2014 had many challenges that affect the poor working class, in particular the workers in mining sector, farms, retailers, wholesalers, domestic workers, security workers, taxi drivers and construction workers

Workers have been exploited by both employers and politicians who happen to be capitalists on their way to parliament and to join the labour brokers to continue exploiting workers. Some are exploiting workers on the basis of their so-called political connections, such as those who are exploiting mine workers, in particular the Aurora workers who are now going to have the fifth black Christmas after being exploited by billionaires.

We call on all employers to pay workers all their bonuses and their December salaries so that they can celebrate the festive season and the New Year with their families.

We aware that some employers such Three Star Cash & Carry, Shoprite, Spar, farmers, security companies and many of the retailers in the NW are expecting many poor workers to work on those days when they are expecting to be with their families and they will be paid peanuts and continue to be exploited.

We call on all workers to report all those challenges to their unions and demand their payment before they leave or before Christmas day so that they are also able to buy food for their families, as those capitalists will be doing, from the blood of those poor workers.

We call on all workers to be safe, take care of their families, do not drink and drive, make sure that all workers come back in 2015 and start to build the COSATU that we all know of, fighting for the rights of workers.

2015 will be a year of many activities such as the SACP NW in January, the ANC provincial Conference in February, SANCO provincial Congress in March and COSATU NW provincial congress in June 2015. All these are very important to workers and workers are called to participate in building a strong alliance.

As we will be preparing for this conferences, we will also prepare for the 2016 local government election campaign and for the 30th anniversary celebration of our federation and celebrating the lives of our heroes with their reburial in the NW of JB Marks and Moses Kotana in March 2015 .

For more information call COSATU NW Provincial Secretary Solly Phetoe [0823044055]