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CPS condemns Mswati’s degradation of education system, calls on learners and parents to demand decent education for all

16 January 2015

The Communist Party of Swaziland condemns the latest display of feudal arrogance by Mswati III, in which he has ordered that public schools in the country must remain closed until his fields are weeded.

This means that schools will open 27 January, a week after they should have.

The weeding of the king’s fields has been delayed this year, and – horror of horrors – was in danger of coinciding with the opening of state schools, and event involving ordinary Swazis on a mass scale. Whatever Mswati wants to do must take priority over any event involving his subjects (who are not citizens).

At the same time, there is no let up in Mswati’s police and army recruitment as part of his efforts to bolster the security of his regime amidst its growing unsustainability.

Education in Swaziland is not a right. Mswati has made sure of that. Government neglects the education system and diverts resources from it to sustaining parasitic royal rule.

As with the health system, public education is in ruins and wrongly and unnecessarily depends on foreign aid.

Just as Mswati’s refusal to properly fund the health system is driving Swazis to seek treatment in South Africa, people are forced to make illegal border-crossings to the republic to seek education.

Exorbitant fees for public schools set by the Mswati regime prevent many children from attending school. Schools are badly equipped and learners cannot easily get the books and stationary they need to study as it remains the burden of parents whose life is in poverty.

The CPS stresses that the money and wealth are there to eradicate poverty, hunger and disease in Swaziland. They are just being misused by being siphoned off for the most undeserving and corrupt elite Swaziland has ever known.

The ruin of the education system is an integral part of the degradation of the country by Mswati and the ruling elite.

There is nowadays no clearer example anywhere in the world of a ruling class sustaining itself at the expense of an impoverished majority population.

The CPS wholly supports the aim of networks such as Action-2015 in their efforts to focus the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (successors to the Millennium Development Goals) on ending poverty and inequality.

It is precisely in a country such as Swaziland that the struggle for equality and eradicating poverty is most needed. In this, the struggle for decent education for all Swazis is of paramount importance.

But this struggle will not succeed through well meaning appeals to “world leaders”. Ultimately, only grassroots revolutionary change for an end to class exploitation will bring about the kind of changes needed to end poverty and tackle inequality.

The CPS appeals to parents throughout the country and to older children of school age to protest against the degradation of the education system by the Mswati regime, and to demand decent, free education for all.

Rise the youth of Swaziland rise!
Away with Royal slavery!
Phansi ngebugcili phansi!
Viva democracy viva!
Forward with the revolution forward!

Kenneth Kunene
General Secretary
Mobile: +27 72 594 3971
Email: cps.org@gmail.com